Princes and methods of payment

SANTANIELLO DESIGN accepts orders from all countries. All the prices shown on the website,, offered to the public by the according act. 1336 c.c., include VAT. The client is responsible for the delivery cost, shown before the order is concluded; it varies according to the total cost of the order and the destination. All the prices in the price list and those shown when ordering are expressed in euros. In the case of disagreement of price after the order has been confirmed, the client will be contacted by e mail or telephone immediately and may cancel the order if necessary with no penal.The prices on the invoice are only in euros. The pdf invoice will be forwarded to the email of the order on delivery of the goods. If in need of a paper copy don’t hesitate to contact us by email:, we will send you a copy by post.

Product availability

SANTANIELLO DESIGN software enables the immediate purchase of goods. The clients request is immediately processed after confirmation of payment or availability of amount paid. The processing time may vary from 10 to 30 days. You will be informed by email of the shipment Any problems will be communicated promptly. Payment must be carried out by PayPal, the system accepts the authorization (not the direct payment) of payment, which will be accepted only if the order is possible, otherwise it will be refused without cash out from the client’s PayPal account.

Acceptance of order/ conclusion of contract

Purchases will be completed through the following steps:

  1. The client sends the order for the selected items to SANTANIELLO DESIGN, this order of purchase authorizes (law act. 10 DL 185/1999) SANTANIELLO DESIGN to communicate the following information, which is solely intended for the conclusion and execution of the sales contract. When the customer orders online and places his items in the cart, he agrees to purchase them at the price and the terms in this document.
  2. The order can only be accepted after the payment has been confirmed. SANTANIELLO DESIGN will process the order. The processing times are those shown on the page once the purchase is completed. In rare cases of longer times, the customer will be informed promptly. Subsequently, the requested goods will be entrusted to the carrier in charge for delivery to the indicated address. Payment by the customer will be carried out using the mode chosen at the moment of purchase. The tax document (receipt or invoice) will be issued on the same day that the order is shipped. This document will be emailed to the customer's email address and will be required for the use of the Warranty.
  3. The tax document (receipt or invoice) will be issued on the same day that the order is shipped. This document will be emailed to the customer's email address and will be required for the use of the Warranty.

Method of payment

SANTANIELLO DESIGN accepts all forms of payment through PayPal or advanced payment by bank transfer. The order will be processed on payment. Note that the first step of payment through PayPal usually require authorization to cash out, which will be done only if the order can be carried out, otherwise it will be cancelled . While with advanced bank transfer the order will be processed after the payment is confirmed. Information for the bank transfer: SANTANIELLO VINCENZO
Bank: BANCA POPOLARE DELL'EMILIA ROMAGNA Branch: Filiale di Sorrento, corso Italia n.319
IBAN: IT 27 V 05387 40260 000001320367

Princes and methods of delivery

SANTANIELLO DESIGN ships the customers orders by carriers and / or shippers. Delivery times vary depending on the customer's location. The shipping cost is indicated upon completion of the order, as the system calculates the cost of shipment according to the country of destination and the selected carrier.

Withdrawal rights

Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, No.206 Consumer Code, Art 7 of 29 July 2003 law, no. 229. The right of withdrawal will be effected by sending a communication by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, within 10 days from the consignment of the goods (the date of delivery of the carrier), addressed to: SANTANIELLO DESIGN by SANTANIELLO VINCENZO Via Giuseppe Cosenza, 103 80053 - Castellammare di Stabia (NA)

The communication may also be sent by telegram, e-mail or fax within the same deadline, provided that it is confirmed by registered post within forty-eight hours; the registered letter delivered to the accepting post office within the terms of the code or contract, if different. The receipt of notice is, however, not essential to prove the right of withdrawal. Upon receipt of this notice of withdrawal, SANTANIELLO DESIGN Customer Service will promptly notify the customer of the return statement instructions by assigning a unique RMA code (return authorization code) for the return of the goods, which must be shipped to SANTANIELLO DESIGN within 15 days of the authorization. The person requesting the withdrawal must indicate his full address and the Bank references with which SANTANIELLO DESIGN will return the amount paid out net of expenses (by Bank Transfer) no later than 30 days after receipt of the goods . The consumer has the right to withdraw without any penalty: the only costs incurred are those relating to the return of the product.